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  • I have used Savio Fonseca of Avocet & Peregrine‚Äôs services as a guide and advisor on birding trips both in Goa and other Indian states. Without exception, I have never been disappointed with his knowledge of the birds and the habitats where you can find them. Second to none as a guide for wildlife and birds, always well briefed to get the best out of your trip.

    Anne Claire Ketteringham
    Anne Claire Ketteringham
    United Kingdom
  • Rest assured, you are with a knowledgeable birder with immense knowledge and love for the environment.

    Grenville D'Costa
    Grenville D'Costa
    Goa, India
  • Go birding with one of the best birders, Savio Fonseca. His knowledge is deep and he can explain about not only birds, but about nature, other species and much more.

    Sucheta Potnis
    Sucheta Potnis
    Goa, India
  • In January of this year we have done a well-planned 5-day trip with Savio to mop up the outstanding specialities of Goa and wider southwest Indian region.

    Savio has shown his thorough knowledge of Goan avifauna and ability to engage with people. The five days went by in a flash and we have met all of our goals.

    I will surely come again on Avocet&Peregrine trips both in Goa and other regions.

    Sanzhar Abdikhalyk
    Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Sytematic, ethical and scientific birding approach is what differentiates Avocet & Peregrine from others and one can experience target specific birding. The team comes with extensive background research work and know-hows on photography skills. The photography guidance is THE PLUS.

    Tamal Raha
    Goa, India
  • 5 days of birding in Goa (North & South). Hats off to Savio (Avocet Peregrine) for curating the trip. 150+ bird species, almost 20+ lifers. A real high energy, high paced trip. Quite a rigorous workout in a long long time. Enjoyed every bit of it. Savio you made a world of difference! Your experience and knowledge of the Western Ghat bio-diversity, Your meticulous planning and an eye for detail are worth the mention. I really liked your dinner & lunch presentation style. Ethnic Goan cuisines! Must say .. we enjoyed every morsel. Above all your never ending enthusiasm and a never say ‘no’ attitude. Liked it chief. Look forward to exploring Western Ghats with you soon again. Must thank my mate Naveen to join in from Bangalore. Its always a great fun to have you around. Look forward to our next trip together.

    Amitava Dutta
    Kolkata, India
  • I visited two times and both times experience was amazing in terms of number of species I found, knowledge of hot spots, maximum utilization of time due to perfect planning and followed that plan

    Vivek Awasthi
    Lucknow, India
  • eight crocodiles, four species of kingfisher, ospreys, a peregrine falcon and an impossibly elegant pair of black-winged stilts teetering on shocking pink legs. these were just some of the nature highlights during this morning’s excellent cruise along the Zuari river, and amidst the mangroves of the Cumbharjua canal, under the expert guidance of Savio Fonseca of Avocet & Peregrine. highly recommended!

    Vivek Menezes
    Panjim, Goa
  • Did three days birding with Avocet Peregrine. Absolutely wonderful experience. Very impressed by the knowledge of both terrain and birds!

    Alok Mishra
  • Till date did 2 amazing Birding trips this year with Avocet & Peregrine…very professionally conducted with eye for detail. Enjoyed and learned every minute!! Looking forward to more such trips.

    Shabnam Jana
    Nuvem, Goa (India)
  • …Left in the morning at 5AM with Savio Fonseca from Avocet Peregrine for a wonderful tour of Bondla wildlife sanctuary. Beautiful nature and thanks to Savio – a lot of birds. Great guide with a lot of knowledge of everything that is flying around. Great day!!!

    Tom Horewog
  • Excellent birding morning with a very knowledgeable birder! He literally wrote the book on Goa birds. He is very passionate!

    Louise Choquette
  • (We had a) bird watching trip with Avocet Peregrine last month. Thank you Savio, you showed me over 50 species , I enjoyed the trip very much and your enthusiasm, energy, love of the birds and exemplary organisation was appreciated by me and my husband Vijay. I expressed a wish to see a red- throated Bulbul and you fulfilled it!

    Rajul Singh
    United Kingdom
  • Savio is an awesome guide and a person. His dedication for his work is awesome and inspirational. He is a hard-working man who has very nice knowledge of his subject. He is a stickler for time, very punctual & reliable, has amazing sighting capabilities who can sight birds even in very difficult situations. He is a great organizer of trips taking care of all requirements very nicely, and takes care of even the smallest possible needs of all the members of birding team very nicely. He is a co-author of an awesome book – Birds of Goa, definitely a collectors item. In fact we need to have his untiring passion and stamina to cope up with his schedule. It was a great joy and rather a blessing to have such a person guide and plan for us. Thanks to Savio, and also to Poonam Nayaka to have introduced such a lovely person to us. Look forward to more such trips. Goa is great, specially from birding point of view. Its scenic beauty, its people and its hospitality – all are great. Overall it was a memorable trip.

    Poojya Swami Atmananda Saraswati
    Vedanta Mission, Indore
  • I am a hobbyist bird photographer. After reaching out to a few people about a bird photography day trip, I finally heard from Savio Fonseca of Avocet & Peregrine. He agreed to my request and suggested we should start from Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary for a first-timer. Savio is exceptionally professional with an abundance of knowledge on birds in Goa, terrain, perches, and hot-spots. His meticulous planned trip helped us spot 70+ species of birds, and most were lifers for me. Throughout the journey, Savio guides and mentors on the camera settings to use, spotting birds and movements and techniques on positions to get the best shot. We spent 7 hours photographing birds. It was a high-paced, high-energy trip. If you are a beginner, be ready for a rigorous workout. Thank you Savio, for making this a memorable learning experience, looking forward to more such trips.

    Surbhi Goel
    New Delhi, India
  • If you have not seen birds in the Malabar area or if you want to see birds in their natural habitat you most certainly should go with Savio. He is very knowledgeable and has co-authored a bird guide for Goa. Birding in Zuari was also a very good experience.

    Pradyumna Prasad
    Bangalore, India
  • Savio is professional, timely and great with his birds. I highly recommend his services in and around Goa.

    David Clarance
    Kampala, Uganda
  • It was a very pleasant experience birding with Savio. He is an experienced birder and we learnt a lot from him. We will plan with him when we visit Goa again.

    Debasish Tapna
    Bangalore, India