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About Us

About Us

Avocet Peregrine

We are Avocet & Peregrine.

As the name would suggest, we combine grace with power, style with speed and luxury with a bang!  Its not very common to encounter comfort, knowledge and passion in wildlife tourism and the common experience so far is far from that. We seek to change that. We make birding easy, a delightful experience and fine memories to endure.

“We strive to make birding easy, a delightful experience and fine memories to endure.

Not many do that or seek to do that. Our fulfillment comes from that. And, from that – our passion. And it has been that passion that has bought us here.

Tambdi SurlaWe (who are we?) started birding or rather bird photography about 10 years ago in Goa. First, it was around our small backyard and then we ventured around Goa, charting our own trails when there were none. Our curiosity was driven by bird photography and along the way we mastered the nuances of bird specific photography especially on the challenge of low light, lens capabilities and whether it should be on a Nikon or a Canon platform. It further evolved into understanding bird biology and behaviour and as a consequence, bird habitats. The understanding and photographs acquired over time got us to collaborate with India’s foremost ornithologist and bird guide author, Bikram Grewal and the Government of Goa’s Goa Tourism Development Corporation to publish the first thorough Photographic Guide to the Birds of Goa in 2015.

Goa Tourism was rightly insistent about promoting bird watching trails for developing bird tourism in the State as a supplement to beach tourism, for which Goa is globally known. Hence, our guidebook goes beyond identification of birds but also about describing various habitats and trails of birds in Goa. We are still associated with Goa Tourism for bird tourism and are involved continuously for conducting bird guide certifications. We also advise the Government on any related initiatives. Our photographs are widely used by Goa Tourism to promote tourism around the country and the globe. Plus, our Fact Sheets on each bird watching hotspot in Goa and a constant log of our trips are a product of the association with Goa Tourism!

BinocularsSimultaneously, we have been curating a vibrant group focused on bird watching and bird photography from Goa on Facebook called Birds of Goa consisting of about 17000 members and a biodiversity focused group called Wildlife of Goa of around 4000 members. We have also been involved in community outreach efforts. This was driven by our passion for birds so much that we decided to make it our full time career and it has been just about 2 years ago that we decided to form this Goa based bird tour and bird photography company to take this passion full time!

“Our strengths are birding and bird photography in Goa through a thorough understanding of bird biology, migration and habitats in Goa.

We leverage Goa’s tourism infrastructure to give visiting birders and bird photographers the best deals in birding day / boat trips or all inclusive birding stay packages. We organise pelagic birding trips from Goa and Karnataka. For trips outside Goa, we conduct birding & bird photography expeditions into Gujarat and Karnataka. We call these expeditions because the trips have a certain unknown adventure in it and we personally would be present in such trips to translate this unknown into an excitement! 

We are also planning such bird watching and bird photography expeditions to Peru, Morocco and Costa Rica. Going further, we do offer trips to clients that do not involve birds such as mammal photography or landscape photography expeditions. Our journey so far has been about filling the gaps in knowledge about  birding in Goa. We have been like many other birders around, but without a good knowledge base. We found solutions to gaps in a complete bird guidebook to Goa, gaps in description of trails and gaps in mentoring and hospitality for birders and photographers.

“Our strengths are further reinforced by our understanding and relationships with our hosts who can assure their clients with the best attention, service and warmth.

About UsThis contributes greatly to our hospitality experience to the client that involves the stay, transportation and food. It has been through our experience in birding, that we have an understanding of what is required when a birder returns back to the nest for comfort, rest and recreation. This is not compromised in our budget packages where price is leveraged rather on the number of groups than depreciating facilities offered to the guests.

We look forward to walk with you on the trails and delight you with the experiences…

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